Be Strong in the Lord.

Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the full armor of God in order to stand against all the schemes of the devil. However, prior to that in verse 10 this scripture gives us a perquisite for that armor to be effective.

Before we are told to put on the full armour of God we are commanded to be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Let us examine this exhortation.

To be strong, according to the ancient Greek language, means to be able to perform feats of strength. That is having the power to move heavy weights or perform physically demanding tasks.

We are called to be strong, not in our own strength but in God’s power.
Power in this verse is endowment. We are given by God through prayer his strength to perform tasks under his delegated authority.

So in effect we need the Lord’s empowerment to perform great feats of strength which we are commissioned by him to do.

We are called to be strong in the Lord with his mighty power, not reliance on our ability and resources but by his dumnis supernatural Holy Spirit power.

Power in this verse context means to be 
positioned in Jesus Christ’s supreme authority.

In other words we are to be strong in the Lord (positioned in his authority) and in the power of his might. Not just in authority but in power. Here is where many Christians miss it. They exercise authority in Jesus name but have not tapped in to Holy Spirit power.

Scriptures tell us that kind of teaching emphasizing form without power (concentration on our authority) has a form of knowledge but no power to back it up. You can scream at the devil, demand that he jump to your command even using Jesus name and strut around in your Christian armor all you want but unless you have HOLY SPIRIT POWER to back up your claim its just a lot of noise.

Might in this verse is literally forcefulness which means to exert power,effort, strength stamina, exertion, pressure, to fight. HIS MIGHT is the key. Not your might. Not your spiritual prowess or Biblical knowledge but through HIS MIGHT. Many Christians may have salvation and head knowledge of the Bible but they lack power. Why? This is because having Holy Spirit power requires surrender and that is just way too high a price for many Christians to pay.

Surrender to Holy Spirit requires death to self. Not just death to sin but death to self effort. Holy Spirit power requires depending on the Holy Spirit for everything. That’s why Paul said “If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit.”

Many Christians are born again of the Spirit and live in the Spirit but they don’t walk in the Spirit. Walking is more than positional. Walking it is an action. To walk in the Spirit is to move in the Spirit in every thing that we do. To rely on Holy Spirit as our source for every thing in life. All our decisions and all our actions.

Putting it all together, Ephesians 6:10 says, to be STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN HIS MIGHTY POWER. This means to be positioned in his great power (with the ability to perform by the Holy Spirit)and having dominion (authority and jurisdiction of the government control of God’s Kingdom) and HIS MIGHT (possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially on account of size.)

THEN AFTER we are commissioned and empowered with the Lord’s strength for battle, we can put on the full armor of God.

No soldier goes out to battle without a commission and back up of military power. This is the same with the soldier in God’s army.

When we are delegated athourity to exercise power to perform tasks of strength then we are able to go into battle.

Ephesians 6 tells us that once we are commissioned with delegated power and strength we are to then put on the whole armor of God so that we are able to stand against the wiles of the devil and his principalities and powers of whom we wage war with or wrestle.

Our battle according to this chapter in Ephesians 6 takes place in the spiritual realm or high places of wickedness and our use of Spiritual weapons provided for us by God are demonstrated through the function of prayer. We are battling demonic powers and therefore we need God’s supernatural power in this battle.

We are called to be constant in prayer with all kinds of prayer; supplications, petitions, intercessions, declarations , praying the word, praying in tongues. This constant prayer life is for the purpose of being watchful over the saints. It is also for praying that souls be saved.

Lastly, after we have done all through prayer and what God shows us to do then we are called to stand in faith. This is another area some Christians miss it. If they don’t see a manifestation right away or answered prayer in their time schedule they give up. We should never give up but trust God in faith that he will do what he has promised to do in his timing and in is way.

BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT and put on the full armor of God then you will be able to stand against all the schemes of the devil. Keep standing for victory is guaranteed to those who put their confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Walk in the Spirit

Romans chapter 8 tells us that those who are in Jesus Christ, (that is those born again and in his salvation) are not condemned or disapproved by God if they are not walking after the carnal nature but are walking in the Holy Spirit.

The chapter goes on to tell us that if we are minding carnal things rather than spiritual things we are in enmity with God. That means to be in a hostile opposing position. Living in the flesh has grave consequences for the Christian. Romans 8 tells us that it produces death.

Jesus died to set us free from sin but we must cooperate with that spiritual position he has provided. Living by the carnal nature brings only death. What is death? Failure. Sickness. Poverty. Demonic oppression. Depression. Any thing contray to the abundant life.

The religious spirit always wants to make excuses for the death in their life rather than looking at their sin and repenting of failure to obey the word of God.

Romans 8 tells us that if we live under the law we will fail miserably in our lives. Also we will still be in enmity with God because the law has no power to conquer sin. All the law does is expose your sin. “You lied. Bad you.”

Jesus came to give a better way. He said to his disciples that when he went away he would send the Holy Spirit to help us in our weakness. The flesh is weak and cannot keep the law. Only God can keep the law.

Did you know that if you are born again that God lives in you? Yes he does but many Christians are living still under the law. They don’t seem to understand that the same power that lived in Jesus and performed miracles and raised Jesus from the dead actually lives in them !

I’m writing this blog to remind you of that fact.

So now that we get that then the next step is to walk in that fact. Romans 8 says walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the sinful body. Which is going to be thrown in the trash heap one day and we will get a new one not subject to sin!

What does it mean to walk in the Spirit ? Acknowledge the Holy Spirit and depend on him for every thing.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit wants to help you ? Yes he does but you have got to ask him. That is yeilding to the Spirit. Simply put…..”help me God ! “

Romans 8 tells us that the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. Don’t know how to pray effectively? Ask Holy Spirit. He will show you.

Need comfort? Need revelation? Need wisdom? Need strength? Just ask Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit living in you is your answer to victory. If you are being persecuted he will cover you with his peace. If you are lonely he will be your best friend. If you are in need of healing, finances, boldness or whatever, Holy Spirit is in you to help you.

That’s why Jesus called Holy Spirit the helper. Who do you think helped Jesus when he lived on the earth?

Romans 8 is a good chapter to meditate on. 
Jesus provided for us a new covenant with a new and better way. Not the old way. The law never could conquer the sinful nature. The new way is life in the Spirit. Life with God by Holy Spirit power. The abundant life promised to us by Jesus Christ the Lord.

Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of your flesh nor be in condemnation.

Waiting on the Lord

It is important to note that the Bible reveals to us that in order to receive anything from the Lord we must accept it by faith. The salvation gift is free but even with that it is still up to us to receive. That requires acting in faith and surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ.

Spiritual laws work much like natural laws. They have a cause and an effect. In other words if said thing is initiated then said thing will occur. For example, if the right environment is cultivated a garden will grow. If you plant the seeds and continue to apply specific conditions then you will reap a harvest. Again, if you modify your portions, eat healthy and exercise then you will loose weight and if you surrender your life to Jesus Christ and recieve his salvation you can be forgiven and inherit eternal life.

Scriptures always give us conditions to the promises of God. After we have fulfilled the conditions such as give to recieve or seek to find then according to the Bible what is required is to wait.

Waiting is a cruscial part of getting our prayer request granted. 
Scriptures tell us not to throw away our confidence because in due time we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. 
By faith and patience we inherit the promises of God.

Faith is trusting with confidence and assurity in something without any material evidence and patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

So in other words we need to be waiting in confidence and patience with continual endurance in looking for something we hope for with expectation.

God’s promises are a part of our inheritance in Jesus Christ. Promises are divine assurances of good. Scriptures tell us that the promises given to us at salvation are the forgiveness of sin and the born again experience but the Bible is loaded with many promises we can inherit if we will apply the preequist.

For example if we wait on the Lord and seek his face in prayer we can experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit and if we hold on to our faith until the end we can be saved from this earthly body and given a new heavenly body.

Another example is that if we watch our words and order our conversation properly we can reap a long life expectancy. (Science backs that up)

All God’s promises are yes and amen, guaranteed as an inheritance to those who belong to him but they don’t come automatically. In fact sometimes the waiting is a long period of time but nevertheless he who has promised is faithful to fulfill his promises.

The promises of God are fulfilled according to timing and therefore faith and patience is required. One other ingredient which brings God’s promises to fruition is Grace. How could we even have faith or patience without his mercy bestowed upon us in the process ?

Waiting on the Lord requires faith and patience and in the right timing we will inherit the promise if we don’t give up. Wait on the Lord with joyful expectation.

A New Standard of Living

The new covenant given through Jesus Christ has a new standard with new laws and commands. Let me explain.

We are not under the law of Moses which was the 
written code of standards given to the Jews for behaviour, religious conduct and rites. These are now done away with because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The old has passed away and the new has come.

No longer do we have to observe the OT law including the ten commandments for our justification.

We are now justified by faith in Jesus Christ and are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise. However, the Bible tells us that if we are truly born of God our life will reflect it by our behaviour. We now are held to a new standard.

The old covenant has been replaced with a new covenant. A covenant is an agreement between two parties. Instead of trying to live up to the letter of the law in our own power through the fallen human nature and then having to have animals sacrificed on our behalf because we have blown it we can now live as new creatures in Jesus Christ under the new system set up for us by God.

This might surprise some of you to find out that we can’t become a Christian and then live any way we want. But it’s TRUE.

In fact Christians now have been given a new standard of living according to the Bible.

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was the way in or entrance to a new way of living. Our justification was through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Some Christians stop there but in reality the resurrection of Jesus Christ brought a new and living way for the Christian to live by.

But does that mean we are under laws? Yes indeed! What are laws anyway you may be wondering ? A law is a regulation or a principle. A standard in which you conduct your life. If one obeys a law there are benefits but if one disregards a law there is always a consequence attached to it.

According to the Bible Christians are now under the law of the Spirit of life and liberty in Christ Jesus and the law of faith.

Upon these two principles the Christian must conduct their lives. Through life and liberty in the Holy Spirit by the principle of faith a born again believer becomes a living epistle read by all.

In other words if the Christian yields to the Holy Spirit who dwells in them then they will live a life that pleases God and reap all the benefits of obedience but if the Christian quenches the Holy Spirit, forbids him from operating, insults him, grieves him, resists him then the Christian will find himself or herself living a defeated life bound up by sin and reaping all the consequences of disobedient behaviour.

The disobedient Christian will find themselves in the fire being refined, going through endless trials and hardships and maybe eventually die if there is no repentance.

If you don’t believe me just read the Bible.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to you today. Do not harden your heart in the wilderness of your life experience.

It is only the yielded to the Holy Spirit life that brings God’s blessings and manifest power to your person. Only through the Holy Spirit of promise given to the believer can you overcome the flesh and the devil.

If you continue to do your own thing even if you use God’s name in vain in order to justify your self will then you will find yourself in a whole heap of trouble. Things may look alright now but the Bible is clear that whoever sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption. In other words your own ways will come back to bite you big time.

How can I know God’ s will? One good indicator of whether you are in the truth or not is to examine yourself in light of the scriptures and that is the scriptures illuminated by the Holy Spirit as you spend time in his presence seeking him. Reading the letter of the word is not an indication you are in truth. Remember that Satan can quote scripture. He will even twist it to fit into his agenda. Human nature does that too. We can find all kinds of scriptures to twist for our own benefit.

That is why the Bible says that the Spirit and the word agree together.
Not many Christians have wanted to live the surrendered life and that is why we have lived such defeated lives void of Holy Spirit power. The church has made a lot of noise but not a lot of impact.

For a time the Lord has let us go our own way. This was to show us that doing things our own way leads to failure. Are we ready to listen now?

Another law that the Christian must adhere to in order to live a life that pleases God is to operate by the principle of faith. The Bible says that faith is the substance or physical material construct of things hoped for but not yet realized. In other words, when God says something to you through his Holy Spirit and confirms it by his written word then you believe it to be true regardless of whether you see it manifest for a time. Faith in God will always be tested according to the Bible but God has declared his promises to be Yes and Amen.

When you believe God’s word without actually seeing with your natural eye then faith in God ignites the reality of the thing hoped for to be manifest in our natural world in God’s time.

Unfortunately, because some Christians live by the natural elements of the world instead of the principle of faith they fail to live victorious lives in Jesus Christ.

Doubt and unbelief is the enemy of God. It says, “Has God really said?” Satan’s lie received by people is what causes sin, death and destruction in their lives. That age old lie limits God so that he CANNOT do any mighty works. If you don’t believe me then read your Bible.

So then as Christians under the new covenant we are to adhere to the law of faith and the law of the Spirit of life and liberty in Christ Jesus. When we follow these two principles we will not only reap eternal rewards but live in godly freedom under an open heaven of both spiritual and material blessings.

Galatians 5
2 Corinthians 3
Romans 8
Romans 3 
Hebrews 11

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Baptism By Fire

Jesus said that he would baptize his followers with the Holy Spirit and with fire. 

While many Christians see this fire as a type of anointing that is not the only thing that the fire represents. 

Jesus told the sons of Zebedee that he had a baptism to be baptized with and asked them if they would be able to be baptized the same way and they agreed. Jesus confirmed that those men would go through the same baptism as he did. 

History tells us that James was killed by the sword and John was imprisoned for the rest of his life. 

The scriptures tell us that the fire will come to test every persons work in the Lord to see what it is made of. 1 Cor. 3:23

Why this testing or baptism ? God allows it to determine if we really belong to him or not. 

Jesus was led of the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tested of the devil scriptures tell us. What was the test about? To determine if Jesus was who he said he was. 

The Father knew who Jesus was but Satan and his cronies weren’t sure. After the testing they soon found out. 

Satan asked Jesus . If you really are the Son of God like you say you are then….don’t fast….stop praying…rise up and eat. Perform a selfish act. Make these stones bread and oh yeah how about jumping off a cliff? Prove it if you are who you say you are. Give up….don’t take the hard way….come and serve me instead. 

Jesus temptation was part of his baptism of fire. The same test which happened to the three Hebrew guys who refused to bow to the king of Babylon. It’s also the same baptism of fire a Christian will go through. 

Why you ask does God allow this to happen? Simply because this test by fire will prove that you are who you say you are. Are you really a child of God? Will you cave under pressure? Give up when it gets tough? Run away when the fire gets hot? 

There are many tares among the wheat the Bible informs us. False brethren are everywhere in the church but are soon discovered when the fire comes to test them. 

The outcome of the fire testing will determine whether you really are a child of God or not. Hirelings always run away when persecution comes. The false Christian will backslide, turn away from God. Become bitter and angry. Many atheists consider themselves to have one time been Christians but were they really? 

A true Christian comes forth out of the fire victorious. Job said that after he had been tried he would come forth as pure gold and he did. 
The fire purifies the true Christian but when it falls on the false Christian, the fire reveals their true nature.

Are you going through the fire right now? Then look to Jesus as an example of strategy to get through it. Don’t give up. Fast and pray. Endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Trust in the Lord and be patient for his deliverance. Stand on his promises that are yes and amen.

If you really belong to the Lord you will come through your baptism of fire as pure gold and prepared as a vessel refined for the service of good works in the kingdom of God.

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The Weapons of our Warfare

The Bible tells us that we are in a spiritual war. Not only with the devil but with our flesh or carnal nature. In order to fight that war we need supernatural weapons.

Ephesians 6 tells us that Faith, truth, righteousness, salvation the word of God , proclaiming the gospel and prayer are our weapons. However, many times we try to use carnal weapons to fight a spiritual war. This strategy will always lead to failure.

Let’s examine some of the carnal weapons that we use. By taking a closer look at this fatal error we will then be able to put our lives in proper perspective.

When things get tough the tough get going. Sounds like a plan right? Wrong. Bad plan. The Bible says that when we are weak then God can be strong on our behalf.

Recognizing our human limitations is the best way to come to a victory. When we acknowledge our inability, our weakness, our ignorance and humble ourselves before the Lord asking for his help in the situation we are always going to get the victory. Oh, it may not come in the way that we expect because our pea brains don’t know what’s good for us but God knows. He has a plan. A master plan. If we trust in our own directive we are sure to fall off a cliff but trusting in the Lord will bring us to the place we need to be.

It’s my way or the highway. Sounds like a plan? Yeah, I don’t think so. Self sufficiency always goes hand in hand with pride and we know where pride leads. Not a good place. The key to conquering self will is to surrender to the Lord. But it’s too hard you may say. You don’t know my situation!

True but I know one thing and that’s that the Lord knows your situation and he says in his word that nothing is impossible to those who put their trust in him.

So give up ! Toss aside the carnal weapon of self will and stubborn pride! Seeking the Lord in prayer will always change the bad places into blessed places. God has promised and he never breaks a promise.

What about worry and fear? What carnal weapons do we use?

If you look at the Bible it clearly says fear and worry come from a lack of faith in God. Bottom line. I’m not going to soft soap it for you.

What about God’s remedy? Reading the word to build up your faith. Seeking the Lord till he pours out his Holy Spirit power on you and delivers you. Basking in worship till you feel like a marshmallow. Sound like a plan? It is for those who choose to trust in the Lord above their circumstance or feelings.

The world will give you all kinds of carnal weapons to use in the day of trouble but God says that those who put there trust in him will never be disappointed. So who you going to believe?

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal weapons. They don’t work. Carnal weapons will always lead to disaster. It is written. It is written. So put down your carnal weapons. Take up the shield of faith, pray in the Holy Spirit and stand in the power of the Lord’s might. You will be guaranteed a victory!

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Is it God’s Will For You to Prosper?

Is it God’s will for you to prosper? Let’s examine this controversial topic based on the Bible. First of all let’s define prosper. In the Greek the word is euodoƍ and it means to be successful and in particular in business affairs.

3 John 1:2 John says that he prays for the brethren to prosper and be healthy in body according to the prosperity of their spirit man. 

In other words if the spirit man is prospering then that prosperity will be evident in the natural realm as well. 

Jesus never said money or wealth was evil. In fact what he did say was to make use of mammon or worldly money for good purposes, make wise investments with money and be faithful with it. This your faithfulness with money will return to you a benefit. Matthew 6
Luke 16

God said the love of money was the root of all evil. To serve money and put it before God is the sin. Not having money. I Tim 6

If we use money for fleshy indulgences and greed this is sin but to use money for God’s kingdom this is not sin. 
James 4

Matthew the tax collector restored what he stole and when he repented he said to the Lord that he would give of his riches to help the poor. This pleased Jesus. Mark 2

According to the Bible poverty is a curse. Many times Christians are dirt poor because of un dealt with sin in their lives, mismanagement of what they did have (story of the talents) or simply because of ignorance of the Bible.

Deuteronomy 28
Galatians 3

Prosperity is also relative. A person living in a western nation may have to make more money than a person from a third world nation in order to live. For example the price of a days wages in one country may be the cost of a loaf of bread in another. The cost of a rental house for one month in one country may be a years wages in another. 

The point is that prosperity and health while relative is a sign of God’s blessing. Many sickness and diseases are caused by sin and demonic power such as unhealthy life choices, occult practices, generational sins, and word curses. 

Exodus 15
Deuteronomy 7
1 Peter 3
Colossians 4

God says that his people perish for lack of knowledge and so many Christians suffer at Satan’s hands due to their ignorance of God’s word. Hoses 4:6

Does God allow suffering sometimes? Yes he does and scriptures tell us some reasons that he does this; such as for his glory to be revealed, to further the work of God, and chastisement for disobedience.

John 9
Job 42
Dan 4

God promises to supply our needs. Not our greeds. If he wants to give someone a lot of money in order to further the kingdom of God then that’s his buisness but if some of us have to pray for our needs to be met every day because the Lord wants to increase our faith then again that is his buisness. We each have been given different gifts and we should just accept that.

Phil. 4
Romans 12
1 Corinthians 12 Ephesians 4

It is not wrong to pray for your needs to be met but you don’t have to live up to the Jones. A guy with a ministry to the poor may not need a Cadillac but an ambassador to the rich and famous maybe he does. 
2 Cor. 10 :12
1 Timothy 6

Paul said that he became all things for all people that he might win them to Jesus Christ. We need to take that into consideration. 

1 Corinthians 9

Paul also said in the Bible to be content in your situation whether you have a lot or not. 

Phil. 4

The important thing is to live for Jesus and be in the center of his will. 

Matthew 6

Heaven’s streets are paved with gold and all God’s children have shoes so in eternity we have an inheritance incorruptible to look forward to and since that’s the final outcome we all prosper in the end anyway . 
1 Peter 1:4

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