Lately I have had many opportunities to share the gospel and have even been leading people to the Lord. I believe that God wants to use others in evangelism in these last days as he is about to pour out his Holy Spirit in marvelous ways. Acts 2:17

So, if you have been feeling the Lord’s stirring in your heart to see souls saved then this blog is for you.

In my younger days I used to think that all were called to do what I do and it caused me in my zeal but immaturity to get angry at the church for what I perceived as irresponsibility on their part. However, I now realize after being a Christian for many years that this simply is not true. The Bible declares that we each have been given different gifts. 1 Cor. 12

I would like to exhort pastors to try to be more gracious to the zealous evangelists because these evangelists have a fire in their hearts from the Lord. So please do not quench the Spirit that is in them and cause them to be discouraged. Rather encourage the evangelists in their gifts and callings. I had a very wise pastor say to me once, “Kim we really appreciate your calling but our church has been given a different vision.”

I took that exhortation very seriously and after that I just went out and worked in soup kitchens and street ministry on my lonesome. Luke 14:23

As years went by I got into a bit of a scuffle with a church who put me in a leadership position as evangelist and were OK with me until I invited street people to their Christmas party. I made extra food and still the pastor was mad at me. “We don’t want our church to be a soup kitchen!! ” he said vehemently.

Well, I was offended! Haven’t you ever read the scriptures that say, ” If you have a banquet invite the needy to come in !!” Matthew 22:9

“Well that’s your interpretation!” I was told.

After that experience no more was I working through churches! HMPH!

It’s a lonely life being a misunderstood evangelist and a woman who doesn’t know her place. I had a lot to learn.

As time went on I was being taught by the Lord that not every one has my calling so it became ok to just do my thing and never mind what the next guy was doing.

Evangelists can be a bit of a pain to other parts of the body. Especially street evangelists. We got saved most of us from unsavory backgrounds and have no church manners. We are sometimes loud and opinionated. Preachy and teachy. Not to mention judgmental ! But put us in the midst of the downtrodden and broken hearted and we melt. Weeping in prayer and serving the lost like no bodies business.

So my advise to pastors is just love your evangelists. Try to be gracious and understanding. They will grow up and mature….one day.

Now for my exhortation to would be soul winners.

After I put on my gospel boots and pray for the Lord to send me out in the power of his Holy Spirit I keep my eyes open for would be divine appointments. Eph. 6:10-18

Going about my business I soon find myself in conversation with someone. Then I look for opportunity to share Jesus in the conversation.

“My wife had hip surgery today.”

” The Lord healed my hips and he can heal your wife’s, can I pray for you? “

” I have anxiety. “

“Jesus can deliver you, can I pray for you?”

” How you doing today?”

“Oh, I lost my job.”

” Can I pray with you? God can get you a job!”

The Lord will give you many opportunities. Just ask him to fill your mouth and give you boldness. Psalm 81:10

Last night I passed by a homeless camp. Should I go there Lord and share? I asked.

Boldness came into my heart and off I went passing out Bibles and sharing Jesus.

Jesus never imposed himself on others and that’s why its important to be led by the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Otherwise we may end up with a punch in the nose.

When the Lord is leading he prepares the way. Listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit. If he gives you a red signal don’t go but if you get the green light go for it.

God’s faith is never presumptuous. The faith that God gives results in boldness and Holy Ghost power. God’s faith always leads to results. Romans 10:17

Not every one is ready to receive Jesus yet. A street or lifestyle evangelist’s job is to sometimes sow at other times water and at other times reap.

I gave a gospel tract to a guy years ago who was led to the Lord by another Christian shortly there after and then raised up by the church to be a missionary. Never underestimate a seed sown.

Prayer is essential for every evangelist. Spiritual warfare one night may lead to a soul being saved the next. 1 Thess. 5:17

Being misunderstood is a given if you are an evangelist. Not every one is going to join in your zeal. Remember what Jesus said. ” Never mind him. You come follow me.”

Lastly, I want to point out another essential aspect of evangelism and that is holiness. Never go evangelize with sin in your life. Satan will rip you to shreds. Get right with God. Repent and ask for his restoration. Then when your situation is dealt with head out and share Jesus. The gates of hell can’t prevail against the righteous, that is those in right standing with God. Ephesian 4:27-30 Ephesians 16:5-20

In conclusion, pastors remember to pray for your evangelists. They are on the front lines. Kind of like the paramedic in a war zone. Evangelists and would be evangelists, love the body and pray for them even if they don’t understand you. Accept that you are different and rejoice for you have been called with a holy calling! 2 Timothy 1:9

Blessing and Cursing

A curse is a verbal invocation or utterance to bring harm, or evil to another person. A curse is a proclamation invoking power to make a desired harm occur.

To bless is to verbally prophecy good things into a person’s life or divine favor upon a person.

Both blessing and cursing while invoked or uttered by people are carried out by either God or demonic influence.

The Bible says that when God’s people are obedient to him he blesses them by releasing his favor and goodwill but when God’s people are in rebellion they come under a curse. It is not God who does the cursing because God does not commit evil. 
Disobedience simply puts man outside God’s hedge of protection and that removal of blessing will allow evil things to occur in one’s life. (Isaiah 1:19,20 Deuteronomy 11)

Jesus made it clear that his people were not to curse or in other words not to invoke ill will on another person because cursing is speaking evil on another and that means invoking demonic powers to be released into another person’s life. God’s people are not to use demonic powers to deal with our enemies.

On the other hand when we bless our enemies who are doing evil to us we are asking God through benediction or prayer to change them and give them opportunity to repent. If they do not repent then coals of fire will be upon them or in other words they are in danger of eternal damnation. ( Romans 12:20 Mathew 5:44)

When Jesus spoke to the fig tree and commanded that it bear no fruit what he was doing was prophesying not cursing.

Since the fig tree represented Israel, Jesus was prophesying the outcome of the result of Israel rejecting him. While the disciples thought he was pronouncing a curse he actually was prophesying. (Mark 11:12,25)

The prophets in the old testament prophecied judgments that were a result of Israel’s rebellion but the evil which occured came about by evil people. God himself did not harm his people but because of Israel’s sin he turned them over to their enemies.

A Curse without a cause will always return to the sender the Bible says. David prophesied that the curses of his enemies would fall back on their own heads. He declared that those who set nets for him would fall into it themselves. Simply because this is a spiritual law. Evil returns to its perpetrator. Touching God’s anointed will result in evil befalling the attacker.

(Proverbs 26:2)

Negative words in actuality are curses. That is why God said that life and death are in the power of the tongue. When we speak evil of another person we are pronouncing a curse in their lives and bringing judgment on ourselves.

(Proverbs 18:21)

When someone does us wrong we do good to them and pray for them to repent because if they don’t repent their actions or words will return to them. Since God wants all to repent we are called to pray for them to have opportunity to repent.

Now we most certainly can pray for an evil action to be thwarted. God’s people are called to stand up for justice and take authority over evil. We can bind or render powerless evil devices. We can command in Jesus name all evil plans and schemes to be stopped but we are not to invoke evil on the person directly. We pray for them to repent.

(Mathew 18:18, Luke 10:19)

However sometimes people will not repent even if we pray and the evil they do may return to them. If we witness this happen we are to pray that God’s chastisement leads them to repentance. (Hebrews 12:6-11)

In psalm 69 David cries out to God when he is attacked by his enemies. He says that his enemies have no cause to attack him and because he is innocent concerning them he declares that the evil done to him would return to them. This of course is a prophecy as well about the Lord’s suffering and the results which occur to those who reject him.

When Jesus said to the Jewish nation that he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel he was talking about a spiritual law. This same law applies to the Christian. Those who bless you will be blessed but those who do evil to you if they do not repent that evil will return to them. ( Genesis 12:3 Galatians 3:14-29)

That is why Jesus asks us to intercede for our enemies like he did to the Father because unless our enemies repent they will end up being cursed which could result in eternal separation from God. (Luke 13:3-5)

Are You Really IN the Faith?

The Bible says that in the last days there will be a great falling away from the faith. (2 Thess. 2: 1-3) Many countries that once were Christian are not any more and many atheists and unbelievers today once were Christians. But were they really?

Scriptures tell us specifically to examine our hearts to see if we are really IN the faith. (2 Cor. 13:5) Are you really IN the faith or do you just believe in the faith?

Did you know that the devils believe the gospel? (James 2:19) In the same way many people who go to church and are even in the ministry today have an intellectual assent to Christianity but they are not IN the faith.

Just because you hang out in the barn with the cows does not make you a cow. You must have cow DNA and produce cow milk and other cow attributes. You can dress up like a cow, moo like a cow and hang out with the cows but still not be a cow.

The determining factor is your DNA. Were you born with cow DNA? If so then you are a cow. If not then you are an impostor or a cow wanna be and not a real cow.

It is the same with being a Christian. Are you born of God? (John 3 )Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Do you not only look like a Christian and act like a Christian but do you intimately know the God of the Christian, Jesus Christ ?

The Bible talks about believers who are sensual having not the Spirit of God. ( Jude 1:19) These sneak into homes and families (through many venues) to draw people after themselves. They like to have groupies. These make a loud noise, mimic many Christian attributes but rather than being in submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ they are seeking after sensual earthy things. Many times its money and fame.

A popular Christian author personality recently denied his faith publicly. He didn’t live up to his own expectations. He fell from his self made pedestal. Now he is in the marketing profession. It doesn’t take a lot of discernment to figure out that this guy may have been a believer but he was never a Christian in the first place. His fruit is evident. (Math. 7:15-20)

Now I realize some Christians believe one can loose their salvation but from my close examination of scripture I disagree. Oh, one can be an impostor Christian either deliberately or unknowingly and fall away but that is because they never knew Jesus in the first place. Notice that the Lord tells these believers who did works in his name and yet still were in their sins …I NEVER KNEW YOU. (Math. 7:21-23)

When one has God’s DNA born of his Holy Spirit then that child of God not only looks like and acts like God but does God’s works by the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in him/her. The born again Christian’s life is hid IN CHRIST and no one can pluck them out of the Father’s hand. Why? Because Jesus said MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN ALL. (John 10 :28-30 )

So here we see the key. No disappointment, trials, tribulations, temptations, failures, short comings or any other thing will move God’s born of his Holy Spirit children out of his hand of security and yes his eternity is secure.

My question to you today friends is are you really born of God? Do you know Jesus by his Holy Spirit in a personal way or do you just know about him? Do you live off of a second hand relationship with God by going to church and Bible studies or do you seek him in your prayer closet having intimacy daily with him. Do you know the Shepherd’s voice or do you just listen to his words from some one else?

If you know in your heart that you do not really know Jesus Christ personally in an intimate way I challenge you today as scriptures exhort to examine yourself. Are you really IN the faith?

If not then go to God and pray. Ask him to make you born of his Holy Spirit and baptize you with his Holy Spirit and lead you by his Holy Spirit. I guarantee you that if you are really sincere, God will make you his child born of his spiritual DNA because Jesus promised in his word that whoever comes to him he will never cast out. (John 6:37)

In Christ and Freely Justified

The Bible declares that Christians are justified freely by God’s grace because of Jesus Christ. That means our justification or the making of our right standing with God is made legitimate by God’s gift which is freely given not by our merit but by undeserved mercy he bestows.

This occurs because of the redemption ( being saved from evil due to sin and demonic oppression ) that is IN Christ Jesus.

Notice that it is by being IN Christ Jesus that we are saved. IN means being enclose by or surrounded by something else.

IN is the key word to focus on to really understand our position as a child of God.

IN Christ we are new creatures. Our redemption comes not outside but IN Christ. 
2 Corinthians 5:17

The Christian identity is IN CHRIST. Positioned in a place of enclosure.

In Christ 
Romans 6:3 says we were baptized into Jesus Christ and were baptized into his death.

In other words IN CHRIST the Christian is emerged. IN CHRIST the Christian is emerged into his death.

It is the death of Jesus Christ on the cross that brings our emerson INTO him.

Colossians 3:3 says we are dead IN Christ and as the Chapter continues it tells us that our life is not our own because we are IN CHRIST.

Christ’s resurrection then raises us up with him IN heavenly places.
Ephesians 2:6

Again the key is IN Christ.

In putting this all together Christians are Justified In Christ because of his redemption and dead In Christ because of his death so we are now seated with Christ IN heavenly places or from a kingdom of God position.

From this position Christians are to operate in this world through Jesus Christ as his ambassadors. Representing him in this world system that we are called to occupy until he comes. This means we have now been given authority as a child of God to enforce the kingdom of God in this earth. As it is in heaven according to the will of God we pray upon this earth and by faith we declare it and enforce it by peaceful and godly means.

Don’t Be Ignorant !

The Bible tells us that if we are ignorant of Satan’s devices that he will have access in our lives to kill, steal and destroy. Some Christians are under the impression that once we get saved then God will automatically keep us safe from demonic attacks. This simply is not true according to scriptures.

The Lord specifically says that “MY PEOPLE are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

2 Cor. 2: 10,11 tells us that in order for Christians to not be taken advantage of by Satan then we need to know how he operates.

To “take advantage of” means …to have power over …have a hold of…to prey on.

This speaks volumes as to why some Christians are always in trouble. Why we have failure and depression. Not only that but I will venture to say, while we suffer sickness, disease and poverty. Isaiah 1:19, Deuteronomy 28:45-68

The God of the Old Testament is the same as the God of the New Testament. He doesn’t change. The Lord’s spiritual principles stay the same. The only difference is that now because of Jesus we have the Holy Spirit to help us in our difficulties.

The Bible makes it clear that if we are ignorant of Satan’s schemes….plots devices plans …operations, then he will take advantage of us. He will be able to do his dirty work.

So what are some of Satan’s schemes? The Bible reveals many and you will have to read the Bible for yourself to find out all of them but I will show you a few main ones.

Just prior to Paul mentioning Satan’s ability to dupe us if we are ignorant he reveals something important. He says that he had to forgive some one so Satan would not have an advantage. Unforgiveness will open the door big time to demonic activity operating in our lives. Not only that but holding on to grudges will keep us out of heaven. Jesus said ….if you do not forgive others then I will not forgive you. Just so you know that if your sins aren’t forgiven you can’t go to heaven.

Another device Satan uses is hindrance. Unless we are on the ball spiritually and in constant spiritual warfare, Satan will come and try to put a wrench in anything we do.

Satan hindered Paul from his ministry assignment. Once Paul was on to him then he prayed and the doors opened for him to carry on but nevertheless Satan gave it a shot to try and stop Paul’s outreach ministry. 
1 Thess. 2:18

Another advantage is our weakness. Satan knows how to hit below the belt so we need to know our weakness and ask God for his help in that area. Otherwise Satan will have a hey day. He will move on that weakness to try and bring destruction.

Another tactic of the devil is using enticement to lure us away from what God wants us to do or to disobey God to further our own agenda.

This can be seen in 
1 Chronicles 21:1 where Satan rose up against David and enticed him to sin.

How do we stay safe against the satanic agenda? By being guarded in our minds. That is keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus not on our circumstance. Walking in forgiveness at all times. Forgiveness is an act of the will. Don’t retaliate against evil perpetrated against us but rather give ourselves to prayer.

Keep alert ! Be on the watch for Satan is always seeking to devour. Know who your enemy really is and take athourity over him in Jesus name when he tries to have any place!

Give no place to the devil. Ephesians 4:27

Sin will open a door for Satan to prey on us. Giving Satan place is translated in the Greek as giving the devil a home or room of occupancy.

Call on God to help us in our weak areas. He will always make a way of escape out of our temptations if we ask for one!

Equipped With Christ’s Mindset

Peter tells Christians that we are to arm ourselves or equip ourselves with the mindset of Jesus Christ when it comes to our suffering in this world. (1 Peter 4:1)

In order to do that we need to understand the suffering of Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look at Isaiah 53.

According to this prophecy which occurred in the future and is now in the past but which applies to the Christian in the present, Jesus Christ endured tremendous suffering.

We can see these main occurances which Jesus Christ endured. Let’s break them down.

Jesus was despised. 
This means that Jesus was not valued and seen as worthless. In other words who Jesus is and what he did for humanity is not respected and in fact is scorned by many people both in the past and today .

Since Jesus was despised why do Christians think that we should experience any better kind of treatment? Jesus himself said that the world hated him so don’t expect it to like us either. Are we armed with this mindset?

Jesus was rejected by men. Many people simply do not want Jesus Christ. They prefer their own ways.

Since Jesus was rejected because his values are not appreciated then we must also be armed with his mindset. We may not be liked or valued or accepted by those who are not disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s a given.

Jesus was afflicted. That means he had to endure pain, abuse, bullying and scoffing. He was beaten and murdered too. Are we armed with this mindset?

Now let’s look at some other things Jesus endured for our sakes. Isaiah 53 goes on to tell us that Jesus bore our sorrows, he endured shame, he bore our griefs, and he carried our burdens.

Galatians 6: 2 tells us to bear one another’s burdens. This means that when we are armed with the mindset of Jesus Christ we come alongside our brethren like he did and help them carry their burden. Whether it’s in prayer, giving, ministering, helping, or serving.

Paul tells us that when we consider our sufferings in this world to be unworthy of the glory that will be revealed in us we can see a positive outcome of all this suffering we endure. Our sufferings are not because God is a sadist but rather the suffering we endure for the present if we are armed with Jesus Christ’s mindset have both eternal and present benefits. Let’s check it out.

Jesus bore sorrow, pain and grief for our sake so that through his affliction he could bring us healing. Jesus was wounded so that through his stripes we could recieve forgiveness ,healing and restoration.

He endured the cross and the shame so that he could bring many out of darkness and make them his children. When we are armed with this mindset we can endure our sufferings for the benefit of others.

Maybe enduring a mean person at work or rejection by your family. Enduring name calling and bullying by class mates who are not Christians or even having to give up your pay check to help a relative in sickness or give up your life to be a witness for your faith.

These are just some examples of what a Christian may have to endure to represent Jesus Christ in this world and share the gospel to the lost.

Jesus suffering brought us not only salvation but righteousness and justification. He suffered in patience and endurance because he knew what the outcome would be. Armed with Jesus Christ’s mindset on suffering we learn to be patient and wait for a good outcome too.

No suffering in this life is pleasant scriptures tell us BUT it is working out a far greater work of glory. In heaven we will be rewarded and sometimes even here we will reap the benefits but do you know what the best part is? It brings honor to the Lord !

Think about that! When we patiently endure and pray then God walks through the suffering with us (Isaiah 43:2) He helps us carry our burdens and with joy we can bear them.

The beneficial outcome will come in God’s perfect timing. Just continue to trust him for faithful is he who has promised. (Psalm 34:19)

Be Continually Filled with the Spirit

The Bible tells us that if we walk after the Spirit then we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  (Romans chapter 8)

To “walk after” actually means to be joined to or with. Paul differentiates between living in the Spirit and walking after the Spirit. (Gal. 5:25)

A Christian can be made alive by the Holy Spirit and “live in” the Spirit but not actually be walking after the Spirit.

Some Christians are still allowing their flesh to lead them. They trust in man’s word more than God’s word and mind the things of the world rather than the things of the Spirit. Many times it’s because these Christians just don’t have proper teaching and finding the flesh too strong for them to over come they continue to live after the dictates of their flesh.

Some Christians on the other hand try following the law and discipline of the body to control the flesh. This route eventually leads to defeat because while the law many contain sin it cannot conquer it.

God gives us the remedy in his word for overcoming the flesh. He says to be filled with the Spirit and walk after the Spirit. This is not not just a one time thing, you know. We see in Acts chapter 2 that when believers got the Holy Spirit power from on high they waited on the Lord again concerning Peter in prison in Acts chapter 4 and they were all filled with the Spirit again.

This is important to take note of. As Christians we need to he continually filled with the Spirit in order to overcome the flesh and the world. Being filled with the Holy Spirit means to be immersed in or supplied with. This comes by seeking God in prayer and spending time in God’s word.

Just because we got the Holy Spirit one time does not mean that the Holy Spirit is activated in our lives on a continual basis. A good analogy would be that if we are a cell phone and have a battery inside us that does not mean that battery is charged. We have to plug it in to charge it. This takes time. It’s the same with our lives. The amount of time we spend charging our battery will be the amount of power we get from God to have victory over the flesh.

So when we are filled with the Spirit then we can be led by the Spirit. This means that once our spirits are charged up in the Holy Spirit we become more sensitive to the things of the Spirit and can hear much clearer his voice and feel his promptings.

As we fill up with the Holy Spirit each day that old flesh will soon die and be rendered in operative. As we pray in the Spirit and sing in the Spirit which Paul recommends that we do then we will be empowered by the Spirit. That means when we get to the place where our spirit man is more dominant than our flesh we will actually be able to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit according to our gifts and callings.

Christians live in various degrees of the Spirit. None of us have managed to be as yielded to the Spirit like Enoch where we walked with God straight into glory but we should be moving closer in that direction all the time.

If we are filled with the Spirit then we can walk in the Spirit. When we acknowledge the Lord in all our ways he will direct our paths and then we are guaranteed to be successful by God’s standards. Then we can live as overcomers in this world.

If through the supply of the Spirit we are controlled by the Spirit then it will be automatic to yield to the Spirit. Our spirits being joined to God’s Spirit will enable us to live holy lives free from sinful desires and dictates.

Those who are led by the Spirit scriptures tell us are the children of God but those who live according to the flesh will die. Paul was talking to Christians when he said that. Flesh cannot reign in God’s kingdom. Flesh must be put to death and the way that we do it is not through rigorous religious exercise but through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Galatians 5 tells us that our flesh will always fight against the Spirit but there is a remedy and that is being led by the Spirit. Being led by the Spirit can only come by being filled with the Spirit. When we fill up on the Holy Spirit every day then he will direct our lives every day.

It is the Spirit that gives us life. It is the Spirit that enables Christians to be salt and light in the earth. Without the Spirit we can do nothing for the flesh profits nothing. So as Paul says, let us put off the flesh and put on Christ. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit like Jesus was and let us be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live in victory.

When our flesh becomes so subdued that Jesus is truly Lord of our lives then as he testified, “Greater works shall you do because I go to the Father. “

Be filled with the Holy Spirit today!